Vermon (France) (SME)

Vermon (France) (SME) 


Vermon was established in 1984 with one goal in mind: to advance the state of the art in ultrasonic transducer design. Vermon is a world leader in 1-3 piezoelectric composite technology and from its headquarters in Tours, France, it serves OEM system manufacturers in Europe, Asia and North America with high quality, high performance transducers and probes for a variety of diagnostic imaging applications. Vermon’s commitment to quality is reflected in the ISO 9001/2000, ISO 13485 registration of our quality system and the ISO 14001.

Role in the project

Vermon’s primary function in the project is to manufacture the 2D annular phased array probes. The design and specification of the probes will be subcontracted to NDT VAL. In addition, Vermon will be required to fabricate the necessary calibration blocks for the phased array probes.

Reason for participation

Vermon have been involved in 3 EC funded collaborative projects (Polytec, Rimini and QualiTi) in which they produced specialised probes for phased array inspection. Vermon's advanced, fourth generation 1-3 piezoelectric composite technology makes possible some of the best performing multi-element array designs available. Vermon’s expertise in array transducer manufacturing makes them suitable to manufacture the array probe and reference blocks, as well as to guide the NDT Validation Centre in the design of the array probes.