Phoenix Inspection Systems Limited (UK) (SME)

Phoenix Inspection Systems Limited (UK) (SME) 


Phoenix Inspection Systems Limited (Pheonix ISL) is a leading independent supplier of ultrasonic non-destructive testing solutions serving many industry sectors from nuclear and aerospace to rail. Phoenix ISL has over 25 years experience in the development of ultrasonic transducers and advanced inspection systems, including specialised ultrasonic techniques such as Phased Array and Time of Flight Diffraction. Phoenix ISL has also participated in leading international projects providing expert guidance in areas such as NDT system design and qualification.

Role in the project

Phoenix ISL will design and develop the custom made inspection jigs to hold both the ultrasonic and electromagnetic inspection systems for both hollow and solid axles. They will also support the NDT Validation Centre with the ultrasonic development for hollow axle inspection.

Reason for participation

Phoenix ISL has participated in several FP7 & FP6 projects and has significant experience with large scale projects of €1.5Million to €2 Million. They are considered a leading supplier of ultrasonic inspection systems and have worked with some of the largest companies in the world on developing be-spoke systems that are tailored to the application.