NDT Validation Centre

NDT Validation Centre (UK) (RTD)



The NDT Validation Centre is a centre of excellence for applied research into Non-Destructive Testing, based in Port Talbot, Wales The centre has world-class facilities for creating inspection technologies for large structures, having previously developed solutions for the rail, aerospace, marine and construction industries. The NDT Validation Centre's remit is to develop new technology and procedures and to provide independent assessment and verification of both established and new NDT and inspection techniques. The Centre was set-up by joining experts TWI Ltd in collaboration with Swansea Institute of Higher Education and with financial support from the UK Department of Trade and Industry, the UK Knowledge Exploitation Fund and a range of industrial sources.

Role in the project

In addition to the high degree of involvement in the research tasks, the NDT Validation Centre will assume the contractual role of Project Co-ordinator in the management work package. The SMEs believe that the past experience of the NDT Validation Centre will aid the smooth running of the project and greatly reduce the heavy administrative burden previously placed on an SME. The NDT Validation Centre will also carry out technical research subcontracted by the SMEs (Phoenix ISL, Vermon, DANORail). Specifically, the NDT Validation Centre will lead develops in the multi-purpose 2D annular phased array probe for the inspection of solid axles and the ultrasonic technique for the inspection of hollow axles.

Reason for participation

The NDT Validation Centre have been involved in over 12 collaborative projects. Many of these have been in the field of railway research and in particular the development of systems for components for inspection and monitoring. In particular the NDT Validation Centre has been involved in the EC FP7 project SafeRail which involved the development of an on-line railway vehicle wheelset and axle inspection system. The NDT Validation Centre has a large scale laboratory dedicated to applied NDT research particularly suited to large components. The NDT Validation Centre also have significant expertise in modelling ultrasonic problems and have a range of modelling and simulation software applications available.