IDEKO (Spain) (RTD)

IDEKO (Spain) (RTD) 


IDEKO is an industry driven Spanish Technological Centre, specialised in machine tools and manufacturing technology with the aim to promote technological innovation of its customers. Founded in 1986, with over 90 highly qualified engineers with proven experience in the sector, IDEKO has the skills to understand, assimilate and develop new technological solutions, with a clear orientation towards the development of new products and the improvement of production processes.

The development and progress is founded on a well-established network of both national and international research entities (centres, universities, PRI/IRL's, etc.) with whom IDEKO works together to constantly exceed state of the art manufacturing technology, providing with the necessary knowledge to meet the challenges of our customers, and to offer successful alternatives on the markets where they are active. They have built a team with a thorough understanding of all aspects of modelling, design, automated systems, controls, inspection and software development for both conventional and new hybrid manufacturing processes. IDEKO’s commitment to quality is reflected in their achievement of the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001.

Role in the project

IDEKO will lead WP4. IDEKO will develop the data fusion software package to combine the inspection outputs from the both the ultrasonic and electromagnetic NDT systems. They will also support DANORail on the software interface to control the inspection systems.

Reason for participation

IDEKO has significant experience in the design and development of inspection and high precision measuring systems for specialized applications including intelligent software agents and adaptive control systems. IDEKO has also been involved in several EC funded collaborative projects (PRIMA, AMADEUS and SEPMAC).