Danobat Railway Systems (Spain) (SME)

Danobat Railway Systems (Spain) (SME)



DANORail is part of the Danobat group that has over 50 years experience in supplying high precision equipment and innovative solutions to many industry sectors. DANORail designs, manufactures and commercialises a range of products for the railway maintenance. DANORail has developed equipment for the predictive and corrective maintenance of the train wheels, such as under-floor wheel-lathe (corrective maintenance), measuring and inspection equipment (predictive maintenance), shunting car for train’s movement inside the maintenance workshops, automatic systems for bogies disassembly/assembly, testing plants, etc.

Role in the project

DANORail will lead the laboratory and field trials work package. They will develop the man machine interface to control both the ultrasonic and electromagnetic NDT systems. They will also advise on specific requirements for axle inspection.

Reason for participation

DANORail have significant experience in railway maintenance solutions. They also have a proven record of accomplishment of developing advanced software for managing and integrating output data from different equipment making them an ideal candidate for to lead the laboratory and field trials and to integrate the UT and EM techniques for hollow axle inspection.