Balfour Beatty Rail Technologies (UK) (End User)

Balfour Beatty Rail Technologies (UK) (End User) 


Balfour Beatty Rail (BBRail) is the world's leading fixed rail infrastructure contractor with over 7000 committed rail specialists and operations in over 20 countries, delivering major multi-disciplinary projects, trackwork, electrification and power supply, signalling, specialist plant, track systems and components and maintenance services. Through traditional contracts, alliance and partnering arrangements, they serve both public and private railways, including: high-speed passenger railways; freight and mixed traffic routes; dense commuter networks; metros and light rail, in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia.

Role in the project

BBRail will provide guidance and advice on end user requirements, so the developed systems are more closely inline with that required by the rail industry. They will also help procure solid and hollow axle samples, provide access to their workshops and host the field trials.

Reason for participation

BBRail has the capability, skills and proven experience to deliver innovative custom built solutions to the rail maintenance industry. This experience and knowledge of the rail industry will be invaluable to the consortium as will their access to testing facilities and equipment for the field trials.